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"How Dare You" - Ollie Locke & Mark Francis KICK OFF During Dinner Party | Made in Chelsea S10
Mark Francis and Ollie Lock clash at a dinner party. SUBSCRIBE NOW: Watch the series on All 4: #MadeInChelsea ...
- 21 Nov 19, 5:30pm -
Sam Thompson Is Shocked Ollie Lock Goes On Date With His Ex?! | Made in Chelsea S10
Sam Thompson is shocked to hear Ollie Lock's been on a date with his ex... SUBSCRIBE NOW: Watch the series on All 4: ...
- 10 Nov 19, 4:00am -
"Get the F*****g Bill" Ollie Lock's Angry with Ex for Kissing Spencer Matthews | Made in Chelsea S10
Spencer has Ollie's current flame Emma on his radar - will she fall for his charms? SUBSCRIBE NOW: Watch the series on All 4: ...
- 31 Oct 19, 6:00pm -
"You're Calculated" Ollie Lock's Accused of Ruining JP & Binky's Relationship? | Made in Chelsea S12
SUBSCRIBE NOW: Watch the series on All 4: JP and Binky's relationship meets an obstacle when Julius goes on ...
- 4 Aug 19, 10:00am -
Ollie Locke: I'm QUITTING Made in Chelsea
After eight years in the business the star reveals he's quitting reality TV to concentrate on his acting career, plus he talks about his recent engagement to ...
- 5 Dec 18, 10:02am -
Ollie Locke is engaged! Meet fiancé Gareth
Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke introduces his new fiancé Gareth - hear the sweet story behind their romance, plus why their dream wedding may be put on ...
- 1 Oct 18, 11:27am -
JP & Ollie Have Trouble Building Binky's Breast Pump | Born In Chelsea
Ollie Locke gets emotional when meeting his god-daughter, India, for the first time, and he tries to build a breast pump with JP! Watch the series on All 4: ...
- 1 Aug 17, 4:00pm -
Ollie And JP Make Amends For Pregnant Binky | Made In Chelsea
Ollie and JP make amends now that Binky is pregnant. Watch the series on All 4:
- 20 Mar 17, 6:02pm -
Lydia Bright And Ollie Locke On Killing A Crocodile To Survive | Lorraine
Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 14/09/2016 TOWIE and Made In Chelsea stars Lydia Bright and Ollie Locke chat about the extremes ...
- 14 Sep 16, 12:47pm -
Ollie Locke Opens Up About Being Bullied | This Morning
Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 19/04/2016 With statistics showing that bullying is on the rise, Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke ...
- 19 Apr 16, 12:14pm -
60 Seconds with... Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke
Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke takes on our 60 second question challenge with the help of fellow reality star Binky Felstead. Enjoyed the video? Subscribe to our ...
- 3 Feb 16, 1:00pm -
Ollie Locke | Witty or Pretty | Proposition
SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ▻ Oxford Union on Facebook: Oxford Union on Twitter: ...
- 10 Jul 15, 1:07pm -
Ollie Locke plays Innuendo Bingo
Man about town Ollie Locke becomes the first person ever to wear a roll-neck sweater on Innuendo Bingo.
- 10 Mar 15, 3:37pm -
Ollie Locke Gets Botox | Ollie Locke's Good Grooming Guide
Ollie Locke is about to undertake one of the most popular and controversial treatments available on the market … Botox! A Botox virgin himself, Ollie will ...
- 9 Dec 14, 9:50am -
Ollie Locke Demonstrates a Series of Hair Removal Techniques | This Morning
Ollie Locke demonstrates a series of hair removal techniques from laser to epilating. Watch more videos of This Morning on the official YouTube channel: ...
- 8 Sep 14, 5:20pm -
Ollie Locke off of Made In Chelsea plays Innuendo Bingo
Ollie Locke off of Made In Chelsea takes on Chris Stark in this Breakfast Show edition of Innuendo Bingo.
- 13 Aug 13, 10:25am -
When Ollie Doesn't Agree With You | Made In Chelsea
Cheska breaks some news to Ollie which he can not agree with. Watch the full series on All 4:
- 7 Nov 11, 5:12pm -
Coming Out To Your Friend | Made In Chelsea
Ollie has some news that doesn't come to many as a surprise. Watch the full series on All 4:
- 1 Jun 11, 2:07pm -