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HTC U19e Review, Iris Unlock, Glassy, Battery King! Ray’s Real Review
The latest Ray's Real Review features the latest phone from HTC, the U19e. It's been a while since HTC launched a mid-high end phone or flagship. Can the ...
- 12 Aug 19, 12:14pm -
Is Dan Lok High Ticket Closer worth it? (HTC Review)
Is Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer worth it? You've might of seen Dan Lok, Engineered Truth, Project Life Mastery, or James Phan's video on High Ticket Closer.
- 4 Jul 18, 7:00pm -
HTC U12+ Review: Finally...
HTC U12+ Review: A Secret Success Pricing: HTC has released several of my favorite phones that I have reviewed, but is the HTC U12+ ...
- 19 Jun 18, 8:04pm -
HTC U12 Plus Review
Subscribe to Engadget on YouTube: Get More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on ...
- 19 Jun 18, 1:00pm -
HTC U12+ Review
HTC's skipped the U12 and gone straight to the U12+. In making this move, the company has shrunken the bezels and lengthened the screen to gain the ...
- 13 Jun 18, 8:30am -
HTC U12+ Review: A Phone With No Buttons!
HTC U12+ has no notch, flagships specs and a peculiar lack of real buttons. Worth the money? Wallpaper from the backdrops app: ...
- 12 Jun 18, 8:33pm -
HTC 10 Review!
HTC 10: The closest HTC has gotten to a perfect 10. First Impressions: To change the color: ...
- 29 Apr 16, 8:45pm -
HTC 10 Review!
Buy at Amazon: | Full review & ratings: The HTC 10 just might be the comeback that we've been waiting for from HTC, ...
- 14 Apr 16, 4:00pm -
HTC One M8 Review!
The One M8, HTC's flagship for 2014! HTC OneM8 (Unlocked): 128GB Micro SD card: 64GB Micro SD card: ...
- 9 Apr 14, 1:43pm -
HTC One Review!
HTC's biggest flagship of 2013 is finally here. Thumbs up! The HTC One: HTC One Ultrapixel, Explained: ...
- 3 May 13, 4:07pm -
HTC First review
Dieter Bohn takes a look at the HTC First, the first Android phone preloaded with Facebook Home integration. Be sure to check out our full review: ...
- 10 Apr 13, 1:01am -
HTC One X Review!
This is HTC's beast of a quad core flagship for 2012. Thumbs up! Buy an HTC One X: The wallpaper: Full written review ...
- 13 May 12, 11:13pm -

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