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Should You Buy The HTC 10 In 2019? (Review)
Get The HTC 10 Here ($218): Get The Google Pixel Here ($162): GEAR I USE IN MY VIDEOS!
- 61 days ago 25 Apr 19, 11:40pm -
HTC One M8 In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Get The Cheapest Galaxy S7 On Amazon Here: Get The Cheapest HTC One M8 On Amazon Here: Listen To My ...
- 13 Feb 19, 11:44pm -
TOP 5 Best HTC Phones To Buy in 2019
Get discount Code When shopping: 1.HTC U12+ US: International: 2.HTC Exodus 1 (sold in ...
- 29 Jan 19, 7:45pm -
HTC U12 Life Early Review | Love & Hate
After spending some time with HTC"s new U12 Life smartphone, there's some stuff I love and some stuff I'm not a fan of. This HTC U12 Life early review goes ...
- 9 Oct 18, 1:12pm -
HTC Desire 12: Budget brilliance or not that desirable?
The HTC Desire 12 is the latest in a growing list of budget devices. But does it leave a lot to be desired? Subscribe ▻ | Read full article ...
- 2 Aug 18, 7:52pm -
Is Dan Lok High Ticket Closer worth it? (HTC Review)
Is Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer worth it? You've might of seen Dan Lok, Engineered Truth, Project Life Mastery, or James Phan's video on High Ticket Closer.
- 4 Jul 18, 7:00pm -
HTC U12+ Review - Better than a GALAXY S9? | The Tech Chap
HTC U12+ Review - Has HTC done enough to make the new U12 Plus stand out from the competition, is it better than the Galaxy S9 and should you buy it?
- 30 Jun 18, 8:07pm -
HTC U12+ Review: A Phone With No Buttons!
HTC U12+ has no notch, flagships specs and a peculiar lack of real buttons. Worth the money? Wallpaper from the backdrops app: ...
- 12 Jun 18, 8:33pm -
HTC U Ultra Rant: Skip this One!
HTC U Ultra is new, but you should probably pass on this one. Here's why. HTC U Ultra: Video Gear I use: ...
- 17 Mar 17, 12:45am -
HTC 10 Review!
HTC 10: The closest HTC has gotten to a perfect 10. First Impressions: To change the color: ...
- 29 Apr 16, 8:45pm -
HTC Desire 626 Review: Budget or Just Cheap?
The HTC Desire 626 is a budget device through and through. Everything from the build quality, to the screen, to the internals all scream “budget.” Read more ...
- 20 Aug 15, 2:00am -
HTC One Review!
HTC's biggest flagship of 2013 is finally here. Thumbs up! The HTC One: HTC One Ultrapixel, Explained: ...
- 3 May 13, 4:07pm -

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