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Morrissey 'Autobiography' Page 2 - Sung
That joke isn't funny anymore.
- 18 Oct 13, 12:32pm -
トクマルシューゴ - Katachi

- 16 Oct 13, 3:47pm -
Next Rory McIlroy Three year old golfer
My three year old chipping balls into his play house!! Phil Mickleson is jealous of his short game!!To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email
- 15 Oct 13, 12:55pm -
Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends - The Piano Guys (Wonder of The World 1 of 7)
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Private video
This video is private.
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Claire's birthday message for mommy
A surprise video for my wife from our 2 year old daughter. use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral:
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Paint on a Speaker at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan ruin a perfectly good speaker by pouring paint all over it. But hey, at least it looks pretty in slow motion. Follow Gav on Twitter - Dan on Twitter - at 2500fps…
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Private video
This video is private.
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Mean Tweets - Music Edition
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Mean Tweets - Music EditionSUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: the latest Mean Tweets: with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online:Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live WEBSITE: ht…
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Stan Lee on the 'Science' of Comic Book Superheroes | SUPERHEROES | PBS
Watch the full-length program at (US Only)"I am the least scientific person you'll ever know." Stan Lee explains…
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Things Girls Do That'd Be Creepy If A Guy Did Them
"I'm not wearing any underwear."Inspired by this Reddit thread: Andrew Ilnyckyj as The Creepy Guy:…
- 11 Oct 13, 4:30pm -
Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus & The Roots Sing "We Can't Stop" (A Cappella)
Jimmy, Miley, and The Roots perform an a cappella version of "We Can't Stop."Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35cGet more Jimmy Fallon…
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -
Dad's Bengals Surprise
Follow up video is up! : for the responses everyone! Reach out to me @phrozen755 on twitter.
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -
Ninjago stop motion - Jay VS Kai 樂高忍者動畫
Follow me on Facebook : Counter656 new stop motion video with lego figures, its about time for some ninja action fights, ninjago is one of my favorite lego characters, and thanks for the support from Artifex, this is jus…
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -
Gangsta's Paradise (Acoustic Cover)- Coolio ft Uclan Students
Met Coolio on a student night out in Preston and he said he wanted to cook for me and my house mates the following night and that's exactly what happened. We decided to take a break from the cooking and have a jam session. Most surreal night of our l…
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -
Tomas Hertl's Fourth Goal vs NY Rangers
Tomas Hertl scores an unbelievable goal through his legs and top shelf on Martin Biron for his fourth goal of the night against the New York Rangers.
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -
Gut Ripping iPhone Halloween Costume + 17 more hi-tech costumes
Digital Dudz from Morph Costumes are your key to Halloween party domination... just sayin- USA website - website- website-…
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -
Who doesn't love giant bubbles?!!! Feast your eyes on the footage we captured after we made our very own bubble wand!We got the "J-Lube" off of Amazon, just type it in and you should find it. Glycerine is a good substitute if you can't find "J…
- 10 Oct 13, 5:17pm -

BBC World News

Race to become UK PM: Jeremy Hunt interview – BBC News
Jeremy Hunt - who's running against Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister and Tory leader - has sat down with the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg.Mr Hunt – who is currently the Foreign Secretary - said Tory party members should ch…
- 2 hours ago 25 Jun 19, 9:50pm -
ASMR: Welsh stone carver is unintentional YouTube star - BBC News
Veteran stone carver Ieuan Rees, 78, from Wales, has become an unintentional ASMR star, with a video of him practising his craft amassing more than 2 million views.A video to show off his craft was filmed in 2012 and he "forgot all about it".Plea…
- 12 hours ago 25 Jun 19, 11:59am -
The dark side of K-Pop clubs - BBC News
South Korea’s pop industry has emerged as a global phenomenon in recent years, but it was hit at home in recent months.A string of charges, from sexual assaults on women to drug distribution, has triggered police investigations around some of the…
- 14 hours ago 25 Jun 19, 9:30am -
How horse manure can be turned into beer - BBC News
Scientists from round the world are meeting in Germany to discuss how to money can be made from carbon dioxide.The aim is to transform some of the CO2 that’s overheating the planet into products to benefit humanity instead.While the technology…
- 16 hours ago 25 Jun 19, 8:00am -
Race to become UK PM: Boris Johnson exclusive interview - BBC News
After facing days of criticism for avoiding media scrutiny - Boris Johnson, who's running against Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister and Tory leader - has spoken exclusively to the BBC. He says he would ensure a plan to deliver Brexit by t…
- 1 day ago 24 Jun 19, 9:34pm -
Thailand cave rescue: Boys mark one year anniversary - BBC News
Rescuers and survivors have attended ceremonies to mark one year since 12 boys and their coach were rescued after being trapped by floodwaters in a cave in Thailand.Tributes have also been made to Thai Navy Seal diver, Saman Gunan, who died during…
- 1 day ago 24 Jun 19, 12:51pm -
Lebanon's atheists on losing their religion - BBC News
In a country where your faith defines you from birth, some are taking the rare step of removing their religious designation.In Lebanon personal piety has declined some 43% over the past decade, indicating less than a quarter of the population now d…
- 2 days ago 24 Jun 19, 7:12am -
Is peace between Israel and Palestinians out of reach? - BBC News
More than 25 years on from breakthrough peace accords the two sides seem further apart than ever. But why?The BBC's Middles East Correspondent Yolande Knell takes a look.Please subscribe HERE
- 2 days ago 24 Jun 19, 6:40am -
Measles vaccine fears on social media cost me my children - BBC News
As cases of measles soar globally, the Philippines is facing a major outbreak.But controversy over a dengue fever vaccine saw confidence in the country's immunisation programmes fall.One mother told the BBC that misinformation on television and s…
- 4 days ago 22 Jun 19, 11:00am -
China - US relations: How a trade war became a tech war - BBC News
The US and China have been struggling for economic supremacy. But their fight has moved on from charging new taxes on imports, to attacking each others' tech industries - and consumers around the world could feel the impact.Please subscribe HERE…
- 4 days ago 22 Jun 19, 9:00am -
The families that weren’t meant to live - BBC News
A group of Holocaust survivors and their families gather in Prague’s Old Town Square to recreate a photo that was taken in 1945, when the survivors had just been liberated from Nazi concentration camps. The survivors were part of a group of child…
- 4 days ago 22 Jun 19, 8:00am -
'Her ancestors enslaved mine. Now we're friends' - BBC News
Phoebe Kilby discovered her ancestors were slave-owners in Virginia and she wanted to pay reparations.Through an organisation called Coming To The Table, she found her linked descendant Betty Kilby in Texas, and asked if they could meet.This vide…
- 5 days ago 21 Jun 19, 11:00am -
The music industry's #MeToo moment - BBC News
Three female artists, Aluna George, Rebecca Taylor and Chloe Howl have spoken out for the first time to The Next Episode podcast about their alleged experiences of being sexually assaulted by men in the music industry. Subscribe to #TheNextEpisode…
- 5 days ago 21 Jun 19, 9:00am -
Fake news and real fears in the war over vaccines - BBC News
Scientists say, repeatedly, that vaccines have never been safer - or more effective. So why do some people still refuse to trust them?Outbreaks of diseases are happening in countries where they haven't been seen for decades. And number of people ch…
- 5 days ago 21 Jun 19, 8:00am -
Has an internet blackout killed Sudan's revolution? - BBC News
In Sudan, the ruling Military Council has switched off the internet in response to protests which took place on 3 June 2019.BBC Africa's Security correspondent Tomi Oladipo visits Khartoum and looks at how the switch off is affecting both the prote…
- 5 days ago 21 Jun 19, 6:14am -
Race to become next UK prime minister down to final two - BBC News
Jeremy Hunt will face Boris Johnson in the race to be the next PM after Michael Gove was eliminated in the latest Tory leadership ballot.Please subscribe HERE
- 5 days ago 20 Jun 19, 6:29pm -
How can a company be valued at billions, but not make any profit? - BBC News
Slack Technologies, a messaging service used by companies across the world, has been valued at around 16 billion dollars.It's one of several high-profile tech companies, including Uber and Lyft, going public this year.But plenty of companies whic…
- 5 days ago 20 Jun 19, 2:27pm -
Sajid Javid out of race to become next British prime minister - BBC News
Sajid Javid has been knocked out of the race to become the next British prime minister leaving three contenders vying for the job.Please subscribe HERE
- 5 days ago 20 Jun 19, 12:18pm -